About ABNN - Alberta Nonprofit Network

About ABNN

Our province has over 25,000 nonprofit organizations contributing to the quality of life of Albertans. The sector is a crucial part of Alberta’s community fabric.  

ABNN includes organizations from every corner of the province, urban and rural. ABNN was originally founded through the collaboration of several Alberta capacity-building nonprofits: 

  • Edmonton Chamber of Voluntary Organizations (ECVO)
  • FuseSocial
  • Propellus
  • Volunteer Alberta
  • Volunteer Lethbridge
  • Calgary Chamber of Voluntary Organizations (CCVO)
  • Easter Seals Alberta
  • Impact8 Inc.
  • IntegralOrg
  • PolicyWise for Children & Families.

Anyone interested in the nonprofit sector is welcome to join and participate - there is no defined organizational scope or size, nor are there any memberships fees or obligations. We operate as an inclusive, open network.

ABNN aspires to enhance the vibrancy and resiliency of our society, contributing to the quality of life and well-being of all Albertans.

Our Guiding Principles

ABNN is guided by the following principles:

  • Inclusive engagement and continuous communication
  • Openness and transparency
  • Integrity
  • Relevancy and authenticity
  • Encouraging reciprocity, solidarity, and shared interests
  • Adaptive learning

Moving the Sector Forward – What We're Working On Today

ABNN creates the space for big ideas and innovative solutionsThrough engagement and collaboration, ABNN catalyzes a provincial network to address strategic issues and challenges. 

The Network currently has initiatives to: 

* Strengthen Sector Identity and Value by creating a common vision for the sector and articulating the sector’s value to government, funders and stakeholders.

* Create a sector-level Data strategy that examines how the sector measures, uses and analyzes data, and explores ways of sharing data in meaningful ways. 

* Enhance Workforce Development in the nonprofit sector by conducting research and informing strategies for managing recruitment, retention, compensation, and the changing face of volunteerism.

* Support Government Relations by fostering strong relationships with our municipal, provincial and federal government partners.

As ABNN evolves, we will proactively address other strategic issuesalways driven by the needs of the sector. Issues could range from funding challenges, governance best practice, leadership capacity, and sector collaboration


Additional ABNN Information and Resources

Onboarding Video

Check out our video with an overview of ABNN's development (so far). (MP4 14:33)

Network Anatomy: A visual guide to our current structure

This image shows the functional components of ABNN: the responsibilities at the core of the Network, as well as the functional linkages to other parts of the nonprofit ecosystem.  

Draft Statement of Purpose

A summary of ABNN Draft Purpose Statement Version 7.

ABNN is made possible through the financial support of the Suncor Energy Foundation

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