Resources for Funders & Businesses

Despite the struggles and uncertainties, Alberta funders, businesses and nonprofits are collaborating and getting creative in how we help each other. In the face of challenge, we are working together because we know we are all stronger when we support one another.

Below are some resources for funders and how nonprofits can engage with funders during this time, as well as resources and opportunities for businesses.

If you have any further resources or ideas on how we can work together now and as we recover, please contact us at

Resources for Funders

Resources for Businesses

Messages for Talking to Alberta Businesses

These are unprecedented times, and there are many ways that business and funders can support nonprofits. Here are some messages ABNN has created for talking to businesses.

Alberta nonprofits want to share some ways business can help nonprofit and charities continue to do their important work in your community:

1. Talk to us. Let us know how you are and how we might be able to work together. Communicate both good and the bad news. If you can’t give what you gave last year, that’s completely understandable. Nonprofits simply ask you communicate with them so they can plan accordingly.

2. Give to the best of your ability. Frontline nonprofits are seeing increased demand for their services, while social distancing is causing operational and funding challenges (such as lost casino, registration fee and event revenue) across all types of charities.

Whether you typically give to the food bank or the community soccer team, nonprofits need funds to maintain their services and/or sustain through the lock down. Please give what you can. 

3. Think beyond dollars. Many companies are getting creative in how they give. Bakeries are donating bread, tech shops are donating old laptops and professional firms are donating their expertise. What are creative ways your business can give?

4. Support volunteering. Covid-19 is not stopping Albertans from giving their time, in fact we’ve seen an increase in volunteering. Encourage your employees to give their time either virtually or in physically-distanced ways (collecting food, calling community seniors, donating blood). Visit or contact your local Volunteer Centre for opportunities

Organizations are welcome to use the full letter to businesses and make edits as they need.

Connecting Employers & Nonprofits

Many volunteer-based organizations desperately need help, while at the same time, many employers are finding that they have employees whose time and skills are being under-utilized. To fill this gap, The Edmonton Chamber of Commerce has created Skill Share & Volunteer, a way for businesses to connect with nonprofits that need support.

The opportunities can range from making calls remotely to lending project management expertise — and commitments vary from a couple of hours to multiple days or secondments.

Edmonton Chamber encourages all volunteer-based organizations and potential skilled professionals or volunteers to register by visiting the Edmonton Chamber's Skills & Volunteer Webpage.

Interested in bringing this to your city or town? Learn more about how you can bring this program to your Chamber by contacting Scott Channon at or 1-780-409-2141.

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