The Impact of Covid-19 on the Sector

As the challenges from COVID-19 continue, governments, funders and the sector itself need information about the impacts of the pandemic and what is most needed by nonprofit organizations at this time. To help provide a picture of the impacts, ABNN conducted two sector surveys, one in late March and another in mid-June

The reports discuss the top concerns, as well as the financial uncertainties that now face the sector.

The results from the second survey indicate that nonprofits’ assessments of their current and anticipated circumstances was actually quite accurate: their concerns remain largely the same 10 weeks later, although the apparent significance of the impact has changed in some cases. As well, nonprofits are perhaps more realistic now as to how long their organizations may feel the effects of the pandemic, as it is now measured in years rather than weeks or months. 

Some of our peers and partners have done regional analysis of the survey results, which are also shared here. 

June 2020 Pulse Check Survey

March 2020 Impact Survey

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