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May 28, 2021 5:00 PM | Anonymous

As ABNN develops our priorities for the next year, the Workforce Development Steering Committee has identified the following emerging areas for exploration:

  • Facilitating conversations and providing access to resources regarding mental health and well-being in the nonprofit workforce
  • Supporting the development of relevant and consistent data about the Alberta nonprofit sector workforce.
  • Supporting organizations through recovery as we restore and transform the workforce, work places and models of work.

Our initial dialogue regarding mental health and well being was held on May 4th, and involved 32 participants representing a variety of experiences and perspectives related to mental health in the Alberta nonprofit sector. The dialogue was focused around:

  1. Defining the situation: What is the state of Staff Mental Health and Wellbeing in our nonprofit workplaces?
  2. Identifying Key Issues: What changes are needed to enhance staff mental health?

We knew this is a complex issue, and the participants highlighted the magnitude of both the challenge and the opportunity before us. There is much more to explore as we work together to support staff and develop workplaces that place a priority on mental health and wellbeing.

We will be convening conversations to dive deeper into topics identified on May 4th, such as:

  • Common Definitions and Language regarding Mental Health and Wellness
  • Addressing Inequities in our Workplaces and how they impact mental health
  • Responsibilities for Workplace Mental Health:
    • organization,
    • self,
    • sector ...
  • Support for Mental Health for all as a priority
  • Systemic Issues exacerbated by COVID impact Recovery --> Burnout, Trauma
  • Reimagining Leadership to better support mental health for all
  • Building the Workplace model we want for the future

If you would like to join in the dialogue, please contact us!

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