Advancing a Proactive, Collaborative, and Resilient Nonprofit Sector

Our network brings together organizations of all sizes and scopes to collectively address provincial-wide issues. 

ABNN organizations are working together to: 

Strengthen Sector Value & Impact 

Creating a common vision for the sector and articulating this vision and the sector’s value to government, funders and other stakeholders.                        

Empower  Collective Action

Leveraging opportunities for alignment and collaboration, creating capacity to solve systemic issues in our sector and our communities.

Create Opportunities for Learning & Collaboration

Leading initiatives to share learnings, leverage capacity, and facilitate coordination and collaboration across the provincial sector.

Join the Journey!

Anyone interested in the nonprofit sector is welcome to join and participate - there is no defined scope or size, nor are there any memberships fees or obligations.

Here are a few ways to get engaged:

  • Send us an email telling us what you care about
  • Participate in our sector meetings and events
  • Share your opinion and experience through surveys and focus groups 

You can also connect with ABNN information and initiatives oFacebook, Twitter & LinkedIn.

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