Mental Health Resources for Nonprofits

Results from ABNN’s 3rd Pulse Check on the Impact of COVID-19 on Nonprofits and Voluntary Organizations Report show that nonprofits are increasingly concerned about staff mental health. In fact, more than half of nonprofit respondents said staff mental health was their greatest operational challenge.

ABNN has started compiling workplace mental health resources to help organizations support workplace mental health. We will continue to add to this page, so please send us information you have found helpful to


Report: Mental Health Impact of COVID-19 in Alberta

The Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA), Alberta Division administered a survey between April and May, 2020 to understand the mental health and wellbeing impact the COVID-19 pandemic has had on Albertans across rural and urban areas. The survey results are intended to inform future mental health priorities and activities across the province. 

Tools & Toolkits

A Psychological Toolkit for Heading Back to Work For Employers and Employees 

Developed by Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA) in partnership with Mental Health Works and BounceBack Ontario, the handbook aims to serve employees and employers navigating the mental health implications of returning to physical workplaces. 

This toolkit provides guidance on how to support the mental health of individuals as they plan safe transitions back into their workplaces and to help employers as they develop policies and procedures for supporting staff returning to the work environment.

Need Help for Mental Health? Tool

The Community Mental Health Action Plan has created the Need Help for Mental Health? Tool is a mental health navigation tool. This is a pre-made tool specific to Edmonton, but a customizable version of the Tool is also available for communities to edit based on the population they work with. This tool is a basic overview of the mental health services that are available. It can be used by anyone to help themselves or others connect to mental health and social services in their community by reading through the questions and seeing which services meet their needs.

Workshops, Training & Courses

Resilient Leaders, Resilient Teams 4-Week Program

Many leaders are thinking about how to help their teams beat stress and burnout at work so they’re mentally healthier, happier, more resilient and better able to do their jobs, especially as we navigate the coming months. Offered by Brady Payne, Workplace Mental Health Consultant, this 4-week program is for all leaders - Executives, Managers, Supervisors and Team Leads - who want the tools and skills to help their team do their best work, in a way that builds mental health, strong culture, and resilience.


Mindfulicity can help you and your staff deal with the uncertainty we’re all facing. It’s a brain-based skill-building program to help employees manage conflict and create a psychologically safe workplace. 

Grounded in YW Calgary’s deep expertise and proven outcomes in leading-edge conflict counsellingMindfulicity training features 10 bite-size, evidence-based e-learning modules that focus on the day-to-day skills all employees can benefit from, such as regulating emotions, promoting personal accountability, setting boundaries, managing micro-aggressions and improving interpersonal relationships. 

Compassion Cultivation 8-Week Training

Compassion Cultivation TrainingĀ© (CCT™) can increase self-caring behaviour; reduce stress, anxiety, and depression; and enhance our connection with others. CCT is an 8-week program that brings together evidence-based techniques of mindfulness and the science of compassion to strengthen the practice of compassion in daily living. The exercises of CCT build mental habits that, over time, are demonstrated to open the heart and promote personal well-being, resilience, and meaningful human connections, even in challenging circumstances.

Mental Health and the Workplace Workshop

Mental health at work is a crucial factor for employee wellness, engagement and creativity. Unfortunately, stigma around mental health challenges continues to persist, and open dialogue around creating mentally healthy workplaces is not yet seen as best practice. This 3-hour training provides organizations with the understanding and language to talk about mental health, supporting employees with challenges and taking the next steps that will help organizations move towards greater psychological health and safety in the workplace.

Recovery College - Virtual Mental Health

Where can adults in Canada go to learn about mental health and well-being? The answer is “recovery colleges.” The Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA) already operates 11 centres in communities across Canada. They are modeled after a traditional college, with its large course offerings and vibrant learning environment. Admission is free and everyone is welcome.

What also sets them apart from traditional educational institutions are the subjects offered. Instead of language literacy, for instance, you might take a course in mental health literacy, or in health and well-being. Even the course curriculum is unique: it is developed by subject experts and mental health professionals, working together with people who have their own personal experience in mental health recovery.

Mental Health Promotion Committee of Southern Alberta online information sessions

The Mental Health Promotion Committee of Southern Alberta's mandate is to bring agencies working in mental health together to plan and deliver educational programs for professionals and community members on topics related to mental health promotion. Upcoming information sessions include:

Coaching Skills for Social Change

Develop the art and science of a growing professional skill set. Coaching skills are becoming increasingly prevalent within organizations and for leaders. These skills are important for us to cultivate, especially in helping professions, because of how effective it is in supporting individual awareness, choice, and sustainable change. These workshops serve as an introduction to exploring some key coaching skills and tools, and are a kick-off to launching our new training program for helping professionals.

Support Groups

Bounceback - Virtual Mental Health

BounceBackĀ® is a free program from the Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA) designed to help adults and youth 15+ manage low mood, mild to moderate depression, anxiety, stress or worry. Working with workbooks and a trained coach to guide you and encourage you to reflect, BounceBackĀ® can help you build skills to improve your mental health.

Togetherall - Virtual Mental Health & Peer Support

Togetherall is a free online community, available to all 16+ Albertans 24/7. Monitored by trained clinicians, the community is a safe place to get things off your chest, have conversations, express yourself creatively and learn how to manage your mental health.

Recordings & Readings

Prioritizing Workplace Mental Health - Canadian Mental Health Association

Five Tips for Your Mental Health During Your Return to Onsite Work - Canadian Mental Health Association

From Barely Surviving to Thriving: Tools and Strategies for Tackling Mental Health Pressure Points at Work - Calgary Chamber of Voluntary Organizations (Webinar Recording)

Lower Stress with a Sick Time Coverage Plan - Calgary Chamber of Voluntary Organizations

Strong Leadership in Times of Crisis: How to Lead in Uncertain Times - Calgary Chamber of Voluntary Organizations (Webinar Recording)

Strong Leadership in Times of Crisis: Webinar Follow-Up - Calgary Chamber of Voluntary Organizations

Alberta Helplines & Listings

Addiction Resources

Alberta Health Services Addiction and Mental Health Resources

These AHS Addiction and Mental Health resources cover topics and issues specific to the workplace. Whether you're a manager, an employee, a safety supervisor, an allied health professional or a small business owner, you'll find useful resources to help you make your workplace safe, healthy and productive.

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