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Your Participation Elevates Our Impact

The success of ABNN depends on strong representation from across the sector and the province – the more voices the better.

Diversity of thought and experience will help us address systemic issues and co-create viable solutions. Broad representation also adds credibility to our efforts.  

In all we do, ABNN strives to be inclusive and relevant to all nonprofit organizations and maintain a provincial perspective

Benefits of Involvement

Here’s what you can expect when you become part of the Alberta NonProfit Network:

Be in the know.  Stay on top of trends and policy issues affecting our sector.

Have your voice heard. Ensure your organization is at the table and represented as we address and advocate for the sector.

Collaborate with others. Share ideas, engage with peers, and work others to address those ‘big’ challenges that are common across the sector.

Build capacity. Take advantage of network learning opportunities, resources, and sector expertise.

Be part of building a strong sector. Contribute to addressing sector-level systemic issues and creating a more vibrant and resilient sector.

Join Our Journey

Anyone interested in the nonprofit sector is welcome to join and participate - there is no defined organizational scope or size, nor are there any memberships fees or obligations.

Here are a few ways to get engaged:

  • Send us an email telling us what you care about
  • Participate in our sector meetings and events
  • Share your opinion and experience through surveys and focus groups 
We always welcome new ideas, feedback and questions – simply email us and we’ll connect with you directly.

You can also connect with ABNN information and initiatives on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

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