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Civil Society Fund Information Session

On January 6, ABNN hosted an information session about the Government of Alberta’s new Civil Society Fund grant program. This fund provides $20 million to expand civil society’s capacity to address social problems for Albertans – of which $7 million is budgeted for 2020/21 to support civil society’s recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic.


  • Ken Dropko, Executive Director, Family and Community Services Branch, Preventive Community Services Division
  • Glen Hughes, Secretariat Director, Premier’s Council on Charities and Civil Society


Questions about the Civil Society Fund? Connect with Civil Society Fund staff:
Phone: 780-422-5916
Toll free: 310-0000 before the phone number (in Alberta)
Email: CSFund@gov.ab.ca
Hours: 8:15 am to 4:30 pm, Monday to Friday

Thank you to our speakers and attendees.  If you have feedback about the session, please contact us at info@albertanonprofits.ca.

ABNN Gathering: From Response to Recovery

During our ABNN Gathering on June 23 over 275 people from across the sector came together to hear different perspectives about how we can move “From Response to Recovery” together. 

Thank you to all our panelists and participants - you made it an interesting and informative event! 

You can listen to the recording of the event here (password: 3g*=E&x7).

You can view the results of the Pulse Check Survey which was conducted leading up to the event on our Covid Impact Report page.

What we learnt at the Gathering  

Our analysis of the Gathering dialogue, chat conversation and event feedback showed a few key themes: 

1.Balancing long-term & short-term: There is equal concern about wanting long-term/strategic planning and wanting prevention/short-term support. 

2.Data collection: You want us to continue to collect and share information about the sector (back to the sector but also to different audiences like government and media). You said that more dis-aggregated/sub-sector specific data would be helpful.

3.Government relations: From dealing with immediate concerns to restructuring recovery, you believe ABNN and the sector must continue to advocate and find effective ways to connect with government.

4.Support opportunities for collaboration: You told us you need help figuring out how you can more effectively partner or integrate with one another, especially given future funding challenges and concerns regarding duplication. In-person opportunities would be appreciated, when appropriate.

5.Information sharing/town halls: You want ABNN to host more regular webinars/town halls, and you recommended a number of topics. You asked that we include more diverse perspectives and leave more time for Q&A/two-way conversation. 

6.Post-COVID action planning: Individual organizations need support to help move to action or strategic planning. There were a few suggestions on how ABNN could do this.

Almost all of your suggestions fell within the scope of ABNN’s current priorities areas, and many we already have plans to or have already started acting on. With others, we must explore whether we have the resources/collective energy to act now. We had 38 people indicate they are interested in being more involved with ABNN – we are incredibly excited to see this level of support and enthusiasm.

ABNN has always been driven by the needs of the sector; your perspective and ideas help guide our path forward. So again, our deepest thanks for your participation, engagement and feedback. We’re listening! 


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