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Today more than ever, we need a province-wide approach to address issues impacting our sector and we need to leverage our combined expertise in order to elevate our presence and voice.

ABNN has pulled together a number of resources to help Alberta's nonprofit sector bring their voices to election platforms, policy development and decision making: 

We will continue to add to these as we receive resources or become aware of new resources. If you have an item to add to this list, please email us your resources

 Provincial Government Analyses & Resources

Sector Value Research

Alberta Culture

Alberta Culture Report with information about Alberta's nonprofit voluntary sector.

Statistics Canada

Report from StatsCan on Non-profit Institutions and Volunteering: Economic Contribution, 2007 to 2017.

Imagine Canada has provided preliminary observations and comments about the data and how it points to the continued importance of charities and nonprofits as key contributors to a vibrant and dynamic economy.

United Way of Calgary and Area 

The Impact of Alberta's Social Sector - Describes the economic and social impacts of Alberta's non-profit sector. 

Policy Development Toolkits, Policy Positions and Election Messaging

ABNN has pulled together a number of resources that nonprofits have developed to inform our responses and capacity during elections. Some are issue-specific, some are subsector-specific, and some are sector-level and issue-neutral.

While some of these resources were created for the 2019 provincial election, the format and issues of these resources are still applicable and can be of use for other advocacy, policy work or election campaigning. 

Again, please email us at if you know of additional resources!

Association of Early Childhood Educators of Alberta (AECEA) Public Policy Page

Qualified Educators, Quality Care - Defines AECEA's role value and authority within child care system. 

Election Messages - Election messages one pager. 

Alberta Association of Immigrant Serving Agencies

Provincial Recommendations for Refugee Claimants - Recommendations to the Government of Alberta on the importance of facilitating a stronger systemic support for refugee claimants.

Alberta Chamber of Commerce

Sample Policy Letters - A variety of letters from the Alberta Chamber of Commerce to political figures.

Alberta Council of Disability Services (ACDS)

Election Advocacy Toolkit - Resources, tools and tactics for supporting public policy advocacy efforts of the community disability sector.   

Alberta Council of Women's Shelters

Election Resource describes 'Putting Safety First: A Three Point Plan to Help End Domestic Violence in Alberta' to various political parties in Alberta. 

Alberta Recreation and Parks Association

Letter to the Parties (sample) - A letter used by Alberta Recreation and Parks Association to encourage parties to support parks and recreation. 

Alberta Teacher's Association

Advocacy and Action Tools - Offers practical guidebooks for political action and advocacy.

Pledge for Public Education - A website showcasing the Pledge for Public Education campaign. 

Alberta Wildlife Association

Vote for Wilderness - AWA has pulled toghether questions to ask your candidates about wilderness issues in Alberta. 


Election Toolkit - This toolkit teaches youth how to get engaged and involved in elections. 

Election Simulation - An Election Simulation resource designed to actively engage students with issues they are concerned about, give them opportunities to stand as candidates for an election, explore political party affiliations, run campaigns and vote in an election.

20000.caThis new  platform will support ALIGN Members, additional Alberta Human Service agencies and concerned members of the public to easily connect with political candidates.  

Calgary Social Policy Collaborative

Social policy brief on Improving the effectiveness of income support, which shares the key recommendations of the Measuring and Responding to Income Poverty: Concepts and Possibilities, from the Calgary Social Policy Collaborative. 

Canadian Mental Health Association

2019 Election Tool Kit - A tool kit designed to provide you with materials to support your efforts in advocating for better mental health outcomes in Alberta.


Election Toolkit and Vote Kit: CCVO has rolled out a nonprofit election toolkit to provide your organization with resources, tools, and information to help you confidently engage in the upcoming provincial election. 

Centre for Family Literacy

Election Campaign Toolkit - Door knocking responses and letters for candidates. 

Edmonton Seniors Coordinating Council

Seniors' Issues Primer - This document was created to help seniors prepare to ask questions of candidates in the upcoming provincial election. 

EndPovertyEdmonton description of strategies for tackling poverty in Alberta. 

FCSS Advocacy

The Inter-City Forum on Social Policy and the FCSS Association of Alberta have developed a FCSS Advocacy ToolKit with key messages, fact sheets and tools to help communicate the value of FCSS programs.

First 2000 Days Network

Position Paper - A position paper calling for an integrated approach to Early Childhood Development. 

Keep Alberta Strong

Coalition of 34 provincial organizations that connect with more than 100,000 Albertans, many of whom are vulnerable or the working poor.

Ontario Nonprofit Network (ONN)

Advocacy Resources - includes a very useful Advocacy Toolkit as well as ONN's positioning for the federal election.

The Nonprofits Driving Public Policy Webinar Series - a five-part webinar series to strengthen the capacity of nonprofits to actively participate in the development of public policy to influence positive change for communities.

Five ways to strengthen the work of Ontario Nonprofit -  a pre-budget submission to the Ontario government. 

How to write a pre-budget submission - A webinar about how to give recommendations to government when it begins to plan for the fiscal year. 

Public Interest Alberta

Advocacy Campaigns - Public Interest Alberta is a non-profit, non-partisan, province-wide organization focused on education and advocacy on public interest issues.

South Region Self Advocacy Network

Plain Language Voting Guide - SRSAN developed this voting guide in the last election to support creating a united voice for people with different abilities. 

United Way of Calgary and Area

Agency Brief Template and United Way Example - A tool for showcasing your organization.  

Voice of Albertan with Disabilities (VAD)

Election Toolkit - A variety of resources including election issue summaries, advocacy tips and sample letters.

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